I think you will agree with us that quality training:


  • Requires users to apply knowledge – not just memorize definitions or facts
  • Provides practice making decisions along with the consequences from each decision
  • Shortens the learning curve to 3 weeks or less
  • Allows your producers to produce – not train
  • Provides multiple training formats to meet different learning needs


We’ve been training loan officers and processors for almost 15 years.  We know it’s important to be comprehensive – the training should also become a reference tool for future loan transactions. 


What skills can you expect to develop with this training?  We can’t list them all, but to give you an idea:


  • Read rate sheets
  • Price loans to cover situations (Closing costs?  Pricing adjustments?  Rate adjustments?)
  • Accurately estimate closing costs and prepaids
  • Calculate LTV / CLTV and understand limits for various programs / properties
  • Understand sales and finance concessions and their impact on your approval
  • How to select a loan program
  • How to review  the HUD-1 – make sure you get paid!
  • Income guidelines
  • Credit guidelines
  • Asset guidelines
  • Know the difference between note rate and qualifying rate
  • Property guidelines
  • Which questions to ask and why
  • Calculate self-employed borrower income
  • Understand state and federal regulations
  • Adjust to borrower preferences / situation changes


Effective training will be save you time and money.  Click on a category shown above to get started or call us at 801-576-9547 for corporate discounts or personalized training.